What is Kids' Life Coaching?

(Adapted from the Kids’ Life Studio website)

It happens every day, both in and out of the classroom, where children label themselves as not fitting in,
feeling a failure, being stupid, being different, feeling worthless.
These children didn’t get to this thought space on their own. Someone or something has reinforced their perceptions of their inabilities rather than their abilities. They have come to believe this as their truth and
this leaves them vulnerable to the natural ebb and flow of stress that is part of life.
At the heart of what I do as a Kids’ Life Coach is the simple idea of coaching children to face challenges and reach their true potential, by helping them to focus on and develop their inherent strengths.
I assist children in laying the foundation for a positive life and supporting them in their journey. I’m proud to be part of a fantastic global team of Kids’ Life Coaches and working with The Kids’ Life Studio. 

Coaching is a natural part of life and is all about having someone who believes in you and encourages you. It’s about getting valuable feedback and seeing things from new perspectives. A Kids’ Life Coach’s specialty is self-esteem, resilience, and leadership coaching which embrace the traits of happiness, motivation and inspiration.

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Our Vision

Changing the future through our kids and teens. 

My Story

I’m passionate about helping kids and teens discover the power that lies inside each of them: the power to overcome adversity and forge their own path in life.
Although I never had that single eureka moment that illuminated my path to becoming a Kids and Teen Coach, I knew from the time I was young that my purpose was always inextricably linked with children.
Being the second of seven children, I had an unconventional upbringing where we traveled around a lot, singing at orphanages, children’s hospitals and homes for handicapped children. After working as an early childhood educator and kindergarten teacher, my passion for working with children became personal when I became a mom and stepmom.  I knew that my path was leading me to a greater purpose: making a difference in the lives of the children that I meet.

What I Do

I coach kids and teens by giving them a toolbox that helps them:

  • implement healthy life habits
  • develop their emotional vocabulary
  • build their confidence
  • learn coping skills
  • practice communication and social skills
  • set goals
  • form a positive self image
  • realize the power they have to choose
  • welcome challenges and embrace change

Client Testimonial

Mariah Dominguez says: “Our daughter had been through a lot in the past 5 years- surgery, bullying, divorce, split-households, new houses, new siblings, new stepmom, new stepdad- that’s a lot for even an adult to handle. She’s struggled with self-confidence for as long as we can remember and she is only 9 years old. Recently, we noticed she was acting very down, negative, and depressed for about a month straight. We tried talking to her to figure out the root of the problem. However, we are not psychiatrists. Navigating a child’s thoughts and trying to come up with a solution is not something we are trained to do.

We decided to try the Zeal program with Victoria and are highly pleased. The program focuses on teaching kids to be responsible for their thoughts and actions. Victoria has been giving her the tools and knowledge needed to handle different situations that life may throw at her. It’s essentially a course that focuses on having a positive outlook on life and the importance of valuing your mind and body. Our daughter gets very excited for her sessions with Victoria and I think it’s because Victoria doesn’t talk to her like she is a baby. She talks to her in a way that makes our daughter feel powerful and in control. Victoria reinforces that our daughter can control any negative thoughts that she may have and that she is responsible for keeping her mind happy and her body healthy. After learning more about the program myself, I think this program offers training that would benefit any child.

Victoria has even helped us as parents. There is SO much information available on the “correct ways to parent” that you don’t really know what’s right and wrong. Victoria offers simple and effective feedback on how to communicate with our daughter and best practices to use. These ideas are simple because they are the obvious answers to raising a happy and healthy child. I think we are constantly trying to give our children material things to make them happy in today’s world. When what they really need is to play outside, eat healthy, spend time with their family, meditate, and focus on keeping a positive mindset. Isn’t this what we all try to do as adults? Why are we not doing this with our children?

Thank you Victoria for helping us get on board with Zeal! Working with Victoria has been a very eye-opening experience and we are very appreciative of her professionalism, patience, communication, and passion for helping our daughter. 10 out of 10 recommend her and this program!”

How Can
I Help?

1-1 In-person ZEAL Coaching Program (ages 5-12)

1 x 60 minute family pre-consultation,
4 x 45 minute weekly child coaching sessions,
1 x 60 minute family post-consultation,
4 x 30 minute fortnightly child maintenance coaching sessions
4 x 30 minute monthly child coaching sessions
A take-home kit bag with coaching materials

ZEAL Coaching Program (Online)
Coaching from the privacy of your home

Same package offered as in-person coaching. All materials will be delivered to your door.

1-1 Teen Life Coaching (ages 12-18)

12-week coaching program
30-45 minute weekly calls (Zoom or in person)
Program resources and materials
Unlimited parent/caregiver support
Access to private Parent MasterMind group


Miss Victoria (Vix) is the head dance instructor for adults and children ages 3-16 (CC Starz) and adults (SassiFit) for the Studio 21 Dance and Fitness location in Commerce City, Colorado. 

SassiFit and CC Starz is all about confidence, body positivity, and teamwork. Each class incorporates enrichment themes and encouragement.