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I’m Victoria Clarke-Jones,
Life Coach for Kids, Teens, and Parents

I help kids and teens understand and manage their emotions, learn how to communicate effectively with others, and show up in the world as their authentic selves.

 I help parents rediscover and heal their inner child so that they can lead their families from a place of strength and confidence. I work alongside parents to help them build an unbreakable bond between them and their kids, through helping them understand the healing power of connection.

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  • Kids/Teen Coaching is a professional relationship between a young person and a life coach designed to help the child or teen understand themselves better as well as identify and accomplish meaningful goals.
  • A Kids/Teen Coach empowers kids and teens to get to their desired goal, helping them determine their next step and helps them get there.
  • Kids/Teen Coaching is about helping kids and teens become aware of their capabilities and available resources and apply it to their life.
  • Coaching differs from therapy and counseling in that life coaching does not focus on the past or offer a diagnosis. 
  • In life coaching, the coach and the client work together to create a deeper awareness and design actions for the client. This builds confidence within the client to continue their forward momentum. The coach also holds the client accountable for taking action. 
  • Life coaching is effective for a number of reasons, the primary being that the life coaching relationship is a designed relationship where the coach and the client are considered equal partners in the coaching relationship.
  • Working with a coach means that there is something wrong with my kid/teen. There is nothing wrong with your child. A coach’s job (whether it’s a sports coach or a life coach) is to see the potential in your child and help them see it as well. Just like a sports coach helps their client get better at sports, a life coach will help your child get better at navigating the challenges of life.
  • It requires more time, energy and work in order to reap the benefits. Coaching does not require more time and energy. In fact, it will help save you a lot of time, headaches or heartache when you witness the transformation and growth in their confidence, motivation, and mindset. 
  • It forces kids/teens to change. Kids/Teen Coaching is led by inspiration and not by force. We help empower your child to take life by the horns, realizing they have the power of choice, and adopting positive beliefs. 

Kids/Teen Coaching replaces parenting and schooling. The Coach does not replace the role of a Parent or Teacher. Their job is to facilitate communication and connection between parents, teachers, and child, and create a support system that encourages the child to thrive.

Whilst all kids/teens are different, here are a range of benefits that kids/teens experience as a result of having a Coach.

  • Increased sense of self
  • Boost in confidence and resilience
  • Better emotional regulation
  • Sharper vision for success
  • Broader attention span
  • Increased openness to new information
  • More engagement with others
  • Positive energy
  • Better academic and athletic performance

Coaching sessions are conducted weekly and are designed to be anywhere from 30-60 minutes in length where the Coach and Kid/Teen will sit down and discuss the latest goals and strategies, whilst factoring in the requests of the Parent.


These coaching sessions can be conducted via Zoom or in person. At times, sessions may alternate between Zoom and in person to provide variety to the coaching journey.


Coaching sessions take into account a client’s needs and learning style. They may incorporate games, art, or movement, as well as reflection and discussion. The Coach stays attuned to the Kid/Teen in order to provide the most effective tools.

Alongside the coaching, the Coach works very closely with the parents to ensure everyone is on the same page. After each session, the parents will receive an email review of how their kid/teen is doing. Parents also have the opportunity to check in weekly with the Coach via phone to discuss progress.


Parents will also receive the opportunity to have the Coach become a point of contact for their child’s Classroom Teacher, School Counselor or Principal. We are very passionate about providing a top quality service and involving all parties, so that we give your kid/teen the best possible experience and results.

Your kid/teen will walk away with not only great knowledge and experience, but more importantly a new way of thinking, empowering beliefs and habits that will set them up for long term success.

They will step into a new identity of being a leader. With you as the parent, working alongside them, you will both feel empowered to continue your growth as a team. 

Both you and your child will be the catalyst for change within your home and you will see the results in many ways, not just in you and your child, but also in the rest of your family.

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